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The Serious Advantages of the MyPCBackup Service

MyPCBackupMyPCBackup is an online cloud storage service that offers secure and relatively affordable personal computer back up. Because it uses cloud storage, a digital information storage server that exists completely online, your stored data is available anywhere with internet access and is secure from physical damage or loss. The basic packages of this service start at $50.00, providing 500 gigabytes (GB) of data storage, which is about the size of an average home computer. The online service is completely secure and uses SSL encryption techniques to encode and store the files in data centers, both online and at a secured, physical location. This means that your important files are unreadable and cannot be stolen physically or virtually. MyPCBackup ensures complete security with their service and discourages against relying on external hard drives or other services that are unable to encode your data.

This service is compatible with all PC systems including Windows, Mac and Linux, which is a relatively rare feature to find. It is also completely compatible with all mobile devices and is therefore an option regardless of the type of device that you own. Additionally, MyPCBackup doesn’t limit the amount of computers you can back up so it is convenient for personal use including for those with multiple computers in their home. It also doesn’t restrict the type or size of files you back up so you are able to create copies of all files, even large ones like videos. MyPCBackup allows secure copying and storage of all files including music, videos, documents and everything in between.

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MyPCBackup provides 24/7 customer support through phone or web chat, offering complete convenience in case any troubleshooting occurs. Troubleshooting is unlikely, however, because the service is simple to use and updates automatically. The bank of frequently asked questions found on the MyPCBackup website provides answers to hundreds of questions categorized by issue. Customers can easily browse the data bank and search for answers before resorting to e-mailing or calling the support service. For the less than tech-savvy, the service is completely automated and will update your files on a schedule of your choice or you can choose to update your back up manually. Both installation of the program and the restoration of your stored files is incredibly simple; customers are walked through each process and only required to complete a few clicks. All of the MyPCBackup packages include a free app for both mobile devices and tablets to ensure ease of use.

MyPcBackup offers one and two-year subscriptions but also monthly pricing options as well and a free two week trial. To encourage longer subscriptions, the monthly price of MyPCBackup decreases when a customer commits to multiple months or years.

  • The Home Plan, which allows a customer to subscribe monthly, bi-annually, or annually, averages at $7.00 per month and provides 75GB of storage.
  • The Premium Plan, allowing the same subscription options as the Home Plan, averages at $10.00 per month and provides 250GB
  • The Unlimited Plan allows for unlimited storage on multiple computers and averages about $10.00 per month

Along with the packages available, you can choose to add additional services to your subscription but only annual subscriptions are available for these individual services. These include; various sizes of sync folders, priority support, hourly back up services, support for network drives, external hard drives and more. These additional services work to supplement your existing plan and provide options for each individual’s needs. Adding these services to your plan allows you to create a custom package so that you only pay for the services you require and nothing more.

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